Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Surfs Up

We all know Erik is obsessed with surfing. His new work schedule is not allowing him to spend 3 hours of his morning at the beach. So, he has decided to try a new way of getting his surfing in.

This morning, he got up around 545 and went surfing. At 545, it is still dark out so he was out there in the dark! He said it was great though & that no one was really out there & he caught a lot of waves.

As for us this morning, Evie did not do too well as a running partner. She was dragging behind, wanted to stop every few seconds just to stand there, and was the opposite of how she was on Monday. So, the good news is that we went out & got some exercise even though it wasn't as productive as it could be. I think I might go out on my own & then come back to get Evie for her walk.

To complete the surfing day, we went to see a surf movie tonight called Stoked & Broke. It is about these two guys who go on a surfing trip with no money. Before the movie, a band played a couple songs. You may know them; they are called the Blank Tapes. I am not that hip but Erik knew who they were. It was nice to hang out together after work.

This week is going well so far, with our new schedule!

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