Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Schedule

Erik started his new position yesterday! He has been on a wacky schedule for the past two years where he worked 3-12 and had Tues & Sat off. We adjusted to this schedule though. It allowed him to surf in the AM & walk Evie mid-day. This also meant that I didn't really see him that often but on the flip side, I was free to do whatever I wanted most nights & he had his mornings free. The downside was not having him around to hang out with so the days he was off from work were precious ones.

Now, he is working M-F, 830-530. This is great news but it also means a schedule shift for us. He is going to see if he can surf in the early morning(like 6am), Evie doesn't get a walk mid-day, and now after work activities are going to be changed up. One of us is going to be rushing home to let Evie out. So, I am also changing the morning routine so that I can get a run in and Evie gets a long walk. Erik & I are also up at the same time so we are sharing the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

So far, things are going well. I am up before him & out of the house with Evie while he is getting ready so that works out well. If I have to work late, he can take Evie out when he gets home. I can also work from home sometimes to be with her & I am looking into a dog walker for a few days a week(if she will let someone else walk her). Plus, it is great to see Erik more and have him home even if that means sharing the TV :-)

I feel bad she is home all day by herself. When I left on Mon & this AM, she went under the bed. But, she is a big girl and can handle it.

She also surprised me by getting up with me yesterday AM at 6am and went for a run with me. She is never very good at going for a run but 6am is a perfect time for her. The sidewalks are empty and it's quiet out. She doesn't have to stop every few seconds to sniff or look at someone. This could be great for her to jog 3 mi in the AM.

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