Sunday, October 31, 2010

Even Silence Has an End

I just finished the memoir, "Even Silence Has An End" by Ingrid Betancourt. Ingrid was a Colombian Senator who was running for President under the Green Party. Ingrid stood for peace and wanted to end the war between the Colombian Army & the terrorist Guerilla army, The FARC.

While campaigning, Ingrid was set to go visit FARC leaders in the jungle. Her seat on a helicopter with security was given away so she took it upon herself to drive out to meet them, instead.

Ingrid was captured for SIX years by the FARC and lived in the Amazon jungle. She endured quite a lot during her kidnapping. She was always allowed to eat & bathe, though. She was stripped of most luxuries. However, the FARC did provide them with requests such as books or radios.

I saw Ingrid on Oprah & had heard about her ordeal. I hoped her book would be riveting but alas, it was not. It was actually pretty boring. For six years, all they did was move camps throughout the jungle and march to different locations. She did try to escape four times and during the captivity the French and the Colombian gov't pursued her release. I was really intersted and hoped to read about what life was like after she got out of the camps. The book drags on and on, I felt like I was reading the same thing over & over. Then, suddenly, they are released and it's over! I have tried to look up additional info on Ingrid to see what life was like after the release.

Her assistant, Clara, and some Americans were also captured. They have different stories than Ingrid. In fact, they have released statements that they do not care for Ingrid and hated her behavior in the camp. So, I am interested to read Clara's book next.

Here is one article that gives some info. You can also find her proof of life videos online. Also, they are making a movie out of this book!

In other news I am reading, & almost finished in a matter of hours, a book I swore I would never read. That is...Harry Potter. I have tried to read him in the past & had no interest. Without a book to fly home with, I thought I'd give him another try. He is a quick read & so cute! haha. So, of course, I'll probably read all of them so that I can know what happens to him.

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Taralyn said...

I'm currently rereading the series for approximately the one millionth time. It's mind candy and they're great everytime I read them. Enjoy!