Monday, October 25, 2010

More Scary Movies

Well, The Thing was an interesting movie. It is a movie from 1982 & is a horror film about an alien that can imitate other life forms and take them over.

The movie opens with a dog being chased by a helicopter and being shot at. Turns out, the dog is really an alien and infiltrates the research base that it runs into.

A bunch of guys are living on this research base in Antartica & now have to deal with a possible alien invasion. But, since this life form can take the form of others (including humans), paranoia sets in as they try to find out who the alien is.

There are some pretty cool/gross graphics in this movie as this thing changes into something else. But, it's from the 80's and it was pretty cool. So, I liked it.

Another movie we watched was, Shaun of the Dead. This movie is from 2004 and is a British Comedy. The entire town becomes zombies except for Shaun & his friends. They then take it upon themselves to defend themselves against these Zombies.

It's pretty funny when they realize that these people are zombies & learn how to kill them. This movie was pretty funny but wasn't as good as ZombieLand. I would recommend ZombieLand over this one, although this one was more low-budget which was cool.

Either way - two good Halloween Movies.

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