Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

The weather on Saturday was amazing! It was in the 70's & sunny which made for a perfect day to be outside AND get our pumpkins. I got up early & walked Evie. Then, I went on a run. After lunch, we went down to Pacifica to get pumpkins. This is the same place we went to back in 2008 for pumpkins. We had high hopes of going up to Petaluma to a cute little patch with a corn maze but then when I thought of driving the 45 min up there at 2pm on a Saturday - I realized it wasn't worth it. We drove 20 min to get our pumpkins quickly.

Look at these green & white pumpkins

A white pumpkin

The usual, orange pumpkins

We came home with a mixture of pumpkins. Can't wait to carve!

When we got home, we put the hockey game on & relaxed. We ordered pizza in and watched two Halloween movies. Evie, passed out. Her long walk + the warm weather = fast asleep. Great, relaxing day

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