Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Movie Reviews: Social Network & Nothing But Trouble

On Saturday night, Erik & I saw "The Social Network." The Social Network is the story of how Facebook was started by founder, Mark Zuckerberg. No one from FB was behind the making of the movie(apparently) so this isn't an authorized biography of what happened.

Basically, Facebook was started from a dorm room when Mark was in college at Harvard. But, three fellow students claim that the idea was theirs and that Mark stole it. Well, we all know how quickly Facebook caught on! Mark was involved in two different lawsuits over FB. However, he is now a Billionaire and he's not even 30.

I read an article in the NY Times about how generations are divided on their thoughts of this movie. The older generation think that Mark is a conniving, little jerk whereas younger generations think he is a a go-getter who built something that the world needed.

On Sunday, we watched the movie(from 1991) called "Nothing but Trouble". I'm sure you all have seen it but I never have. It was strange but I guess appropriate for October/Halloween.

Chevy Chase & Demi Moore are business people who go on a trip. They get pulled over by a cop who brings them to this crazy house with this old Judge who keeps them captive in the house. The house is really creepy and there are these huge babies that work in the backyard. It was so so so strange.

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