Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Since Sunday was so rainy, ALL DAY, I carved my pumpkins. This year, I got a little orange one and also a green & white one. I am not convinced the green one was a pumpkin!

Decided to make the little orange one a spider. Yes, a spider with six legs but at least he is smiling!

This was destined to be an owl....

Little pumpkins are sooooo easy to carve.

Digging into the green one, after it was very difficult to cut out the top

Wow!! It's white inside. So weird!

So the texture was like a spaghetti squash with black/watermelon-like seeds

We tasted it & it had a watermelon taste. I think this is more of a squash than a pumpkin.

Cute little spider, lit up! I didn't finish carving the green & white one. It was wayyyyy too hard to carve so he stayed whole.

Happy Halloween Week!!

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