Sunday, December 11, 2011

Celebration Saturday

 Saturday night was pretty fun - we got to celebrate two different friends! We headed to the Wag Hotel to see Kira for her book launch and then across the bridge to Sarah & Steve's engagement party!

Ready to head out for the night.

 Kira's event was full of excitement. First, we had our Project Dog book signed by the author herself. Then, there was a doggy runway show followed by a cocktail hour.
 So excited & proud of Kira. I remember when she first told me she was going to do this book. It was just an idea. Then, she really went after it full force and made it happen. She traveled all over the state to photograph dogs.
 There were a ton of cute dogs there including this funny Bulldog. Look at that tongue!

Everyone at the party also received a gift bag including this cute pin!

After Kira's party, we headed east for Sarah & Steve's engagement party. It was held at her friend's family home in the town of Piedmont.  The home was beautiful! Great location for a party to celebrate Sarah & Steve. Their wedding is going to be in October. Lots of weddings next year!!

It was a fun night to be able to celebrate with different friends for different reasons!

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