Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Couch Calamity

As I mentioned, we went to IKEA like three times in four days this week. After finding the couch, going back to get it but realizing we need to figure some things out first, we finally went back to get the couch. Erik's friend Andrew has a big van that he let us borrow to go over to IKEA. The couch fit perfectly, which was awesome!!
NEW couch!!
We got the couch home and our friend Greg, helped Erik get the old couches out of the apartment. We loaded everything into the van and went to Salvation Army to donate the couches. Well guess what. Salvation Army wouldn't take them. They are pretty old couches and have some defects so they wouldn't take them! Since they re-sell everything, they ask that everything is in good condition. It was pretty upsetting to hear that we couldn't donate the couches because I hate throwing things out like this. Salvation Army said we should just bring them to the dump, but the dump was closed.

Now, we were stuck with our old couches, in our friends van, with no where to bring them!!! Defeated, we parked the van at Andrew's house and walked down the street for some pizza. While we waited for the pizza, Erik googled the times of the dump. Guess what - the freaking dump was open!!!

We bolted from the pizza place and ran back to the van to get to the dump. We drove up and....SUCCESS!!! The dump was open and we were able to get rid of them. WHEW!!

Thank goodness we got rid of them otherwise, we would be storing them in our friends garage or something crazy and having to worry about them next weekend. Now, we are able to enjoy our new couch on our last weekend of vacation!!

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