Friday, December 9, 2011

Off The Wagon

Man, I am off the workout wagon. It's been two solid weeks of not working out....and I feel like crap. As for reasons I haven't worked out, it's a combination of things.
  • Work has been super busy. It's hard to work late and get up early to run.
  • It's cold out in the AM. 
  • It's dark out until 6:45-ish and I don't like running in the dark
  • It's dark, and cold, and I'm super tired at night
  • I have no motivation because I'm not signed up for any race right now. 
Well, I have to change this. After not working out for 2 weeks, I feel it. I'm tired, sluggish, and my back aches. Not working out, is not an option. So, I have an idea.

ABC Family has 25 Days of Christmas. I'm going to push myself to run 25 miles each week for the rest of December. This is a nice goal to have that will force me out the door in the AM.

The latest issue of Runner's World also had some GREAT information on motivation, new things to try next year, and something new to look forward to in your workouts. I'm off the week after Christmas and I'm excited to try some NEW classes at the gym. I also am going to create some NEW workouts to get me to a faster 5K.
I want to get back to feeling great like when I ran my first 10K last month and stay healthy in 2012!

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