Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Bingo!

Last night, we went to Erik's work holiday party. It was held at this cool venue called the SF Design Center. The party was held on four floors. Each floor had food and a bar but looked down onto the first floor where there was a stage, a band, and of course...BINGO!
This is not his party, but here is a view of the room. 

Here is a view from the 2nd floor, looking out to the other floor

 Here's Erik, looking nice all dressed up!
I had this great, purple dress on last night. It was sparkly up top, satiny on the bottom and had....pockets!! It was awesome & comfortable.  This is another gem from...Kohl's!
Well, I have to say that last night did not live up to our expectations. Bingo started late and ended late. There were too many people calling out Bingo when they didn't have it. There were so many winners per game, that they had to have a face off for the prize. It was just a long night. And, we didn't win anything. I could make so many suggestions for how they could better this process! hah!
It was nice to be out together though. We had some great food and of course, open bar. But, we were happy to head home at the end of the night. 

We did bring Toys for Tots, which is something I always look forward to each year. I always buy Barbies. I looooved Barbies and would love to give that to another little girl. I bought a new Barbie this year that I haven't seen before: Sparkle Lights Mermaid Barbie.

Well, if we didn't walk away Bingo winners, at least we were able to give something for someone in need. 


Taralyn said...

People rave about Kohl's but I get so overwhelmed and never find anything there. New Year's Resolution is to try to find awesome things at Kohl's. Haha.

Heather M said...

yes, you cant go to the store or you will lose your mind. you must buy online and then just send back what you dont like.