Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weather Wuss

Well, I am an official weather wuss. I have declared that I am ready to move south - Florida, Palm Springs, the Caribbean...wherever I can stay warm. Something has happened to me over the years where I just cannot stand being cold. I used to ski, but now I don't because a)you're cold b)you're paying someone a lot of money so you can be cold for hours at a time c)you're cold.

It has been "cold" here. That means, there is frost on the grass in the AM and that it is about 45 out. I have to wear my long, down, puffy coat out in that type of weather!

(This is me, when it is 48 degrees out)

I remember when we moved here & saw people bundled up like that and we thought they were crazy. Now, I am one of those people! Erik says I am crazy but there is nothing I can do. I feel bad for people who live in REALLY cold climates like Minnesota. I don't know how they leave their homes from November - April!!

Bring on the space heater and the down jacket!

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