Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vacation Tuesday

Tuesday was a productive day, since there were no Kardashians on tv! I cleaned and did all of the laundry, and there was a ton of it.

Erik had a fun project yesterday of fixing his surfboard. He opted to do this....on our apartment roof. This way, he had room to spread out and not bother anyone with the smell of the epoxy.

 View from our roof

We also made the trek over to IKEA to check out a new desk for Erik and a potential new couch. We measured the room, measured the couch, and I think we found a couch!
This probably means we have to make another trek over there to buy the couch and the desk but it will be worth it. Actually, we stopped in the Ikea "Restaurant" before shopping and got something to eat. I couldn't believe the options and the prices! Good selection & prices. Eating before tackling IKEA is the way to go!

We finished the night by meeting up with Betsy & Greg for burgers and $2 beers at Acme Burgerhaus

This week is awesome!!

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