Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap: 3

On Thanksgiving, we ate way to much. We had breakfast at my family's house, Dinner #1 at Erik's, then Dinner #2 at my family's house. After dinner, we watched Elf and went thru the circulars for black Friday!

On Friday AM, Erik's Mom and I went to Target at 7am. I wanted to get gifts for the kids (cousins & friends kids) who live in CT so I could leave them there. I got everyone's gifts but I really didn't get any amazing deals. I was just happy to be up that early because no one was on the road or at the stores. There were way more Target employees there than customers! I got some cool toys for the kids including:

On Friday, we also got to see our friends for more PIZZA in New Haven. We didn't take many photos when we were home but I guarantee it was a good time. Lots of laughing and laughing.

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