Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Fun

On Friday night, Erik and I ordered in Chinese for dinner and watched Four Christmases. We watched about half of it and then you know what happened. Zzzzzzzzzz. Good thing it's on again on Sunday so we can finish watching. So far, it's cute!

This morning, I ran my first run towards my 25 miles for the week. I was excited to get out and just run 3 miles. It was 50, sunny, and I had the Pandora holiday pop station playing. It was a great run! I really hate bundling up to run. I had long leggings on and a zip up fleece and felt sooo hot. Other people were out there bundled up in hats and gloves.

Have you heard any GLEE holiday songs? I loooove this one!

After working out, Erik and I headed downtown to do some holiday shopping and to pick him up an outfit to wear tonight. I am so excited and proud of my friend Kira, for writing a book called Project Dog. Her book has been published and her launch party is tonight. You can pick up a copy of her book, here!

 Project DOG is a new grassroots movement to celebrate dogs and promote responsible dog ownership through a creative, modern dog photography project. The quest is simple. To find and photograph all 170 AKC recognized dog breeds and their rescue dog counterparts. What exactly does this mean? …For every AKC breed photographed, a rescue dog of the same breed will be given the same royal photographic treatment. The result?  An awesome book and new dog social networking/resource website.

Her launch party is tonight and will include book signings, a dog runway show, and more. So excited for her because she worked so hard on this book!

We are also heading to my friend Sarah's engagement party tonight. So excited for her and her fiance!! It will be a fun night... 

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