Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Break Countdown

Two more days of work and then...FREEEEEDOM!! Erik and I are both off from work allll next week. We cannot wait! We hope to catch up on errands, appointments, take Evie on long walks, throw in some day trips & just relax!

Tonight, we have my favorite holiday party of the year...Erik's work party! Yes, this is the party that has the lucrative and exciting Bingo! I hope we win something this year.

Last night, I went to get a manicure to get ready for the party. I got here around 7:30 and they close at 8. They were busy with some other people so they didn't start my manicure until 7:50. The girl worked SO fast that I felt like she was going to rip my fingers off. I know they wanted to get out of there & get home but man, it was a rough manicure!

I also got to watch another one of those cheesy movies, The Christmas Engagement, on the Hallmark channel. It was pretty high on the cheese scale and also seems like a story that has been done before. BUT, I still love these movies!

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