Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Hallmark Movies

I watched a bunch of Lifetime & Hallmark movies this holiday season. I know they are cheesy but I love them! Here are two more that I watched & haven't seen before.

Farewell Mr. Kringle

Annabelle (Christine Taylor), a widowed journalist, begrudgingly accepts an assignment on Kris Kringle, a Santa Claus impersonator who lives in a small, Christmas-themed town.  To her surprise, Anna is enchanted by Kris and the townspeople who love him.  As her involvement with the town grows, Anna is able to put the past behind her and open herself up to love again.

Cheese Factor - 3 out of 5 slices (5 being uber-cheesy)
Are all of these holiday movies about finding love? Yes. I liked seeing Christine Taylor in a movie and thought she made this movie a tiny bit more realistic than usual. Plus, it was a cute story about Kris Kringle and why he was so special to the town. 

Annie Claus is Coming to Town

This year, Santa’s daughter (Maria Thayer) takes her first trip away from the North Pole during the Christmas season hoping to find adventure and love in sunny California. While Santa watches his daughter through a magic snow globe, Annie arrives in L.A. and becomes friends with the owner of Candy Cane Inn, Lucy (Vivica A. Fox), and her daughter, Mia (Nay Nay Kirby). She also quickly lands a job at Wonderland Toys. Wonderland Toys’ owner, Ted (Sam Page) is struggling to stay in business selling old-fashioned toys in a digital world. Annie soon realizes that she wants Ted’s business to thrive because she has feelings for this Christmas traditionalist.

Annie also knows that when she finds her true love, she and her mate will move back to the North Pole to take over the family business. But Santa isn’t the only one watching Annie through the looking glass. So is a senior Santa Elf who himself wants to inherit the Ho Ho Ho of Holidays, so much so that he hires a Hollywood actor to feign affection for Annie. Although Annie temporarily falls for the imposter, she realizes there is something about Ted that is unforgettable. Will Annie’s choice make her Christmas -- and everyone else’s -- merry and bright?

Cheese Factor - 5 out of 5 slices (5 being uber-cheesy)
Annie Claus was over-the-top. Cheese was ooooozing out of her pores. Different story line that I haven't seen before with Annie Claus coming to LA. She was, of course, coming to find love. She was just too much. I wouldn't watch this one again. 

Funny though - a guy in this film, was in Take Me Home Tonight! haha

Also - I never realized Vivica A. Fox was the Hallmork Holiday Movie queen. She was in Annie Claus AND Goodbye Mr. Kringle!
Well, the holiday movies are officially over. Let's see if any new ones come out next year! Keep an eye out for my favorites:

A Very Merry Daughter of the Bride

A Recipe for a Perfect Christmas

Holiday Switch 

Are there any movies out there that you love that I need to make sure I see next year??

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