Friday, December 16, 2011

So about those 25 miles....

Remember when I said I would run 25 miles a week for the rest of December. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't sit down and calculate exactly how I was going to make that happen and it is definitely a lofty goal. So, it's not going to happen.

This is a busy time of year and I know keeping up with your health is important. I also know that if you work too much, go to too many holiday parties, and don't get any sleep, you'll get sick, too. So, at this time of year, I have decided to do what is possible and not stress about it. If walking Evie for a mile one day is the best I can do, then at least I did something. I have a great opportunity to work out the week after Christmas.

One thing I am really grateful for is that, I really don't like dessert! I like to make cookies, bring them to work, and let everyone else eat them. As long as you stay on track with your normal eating, I think that helps a lot, too.

Next up for 2012 is something brand new for me. My friend Bailey & I decided to do something fun, that I have been thinking about doing for a little while. We are going to...


In the 14th Annual Napa Valley Sprint Triathalon on May 6th!!!

I'm excited to have something to train for & something new to try! Wish us luck!!

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