Monday, December 26, 2011

Vacation Monday

Erik and I are on vacation alllll week. Monday, we slept in and it was awesome. What is even more awesome, is that Evie loves to sleep in, too. Unless she REALLY has to go the bathroom, she will sleep until we finally wake up.

Erik went surfing and I glued my butt to the couch. I watched a few episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take NYC. I just get sucked in watching these girls and can't stop!! Evie was cuddled with me on the couch, I had my iPad, and a marathon on TV. That is what vacation is all about!!

Finally, we got up and took a long walk. This is the week to get back into the swing of working out & give Evie some good exercise, too.

We also went down to Target. I love going to Target the day after Christmas because all of the decorations and wrapping is 50% off! I stocked up on wrapping paper and spent about $5 for three rolls!

To end the day, we had lobster for dinner. We just could not eat them on Christmas Day. We also rounded out the night by watching Horrible Bosses. This movie was ok. Good cast though!

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