Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party Time

Last night, my co-workers and I went to a holiday party for another company that we work closely with. It was held at their offices, there were great drinks, and appetizers! It was great to see some of the people we work with and some who have moved to other parts of the country but came back for the party.

I wore my new favorite dress to work yesterday with tights & boots.  Love this dress and you'll never guess where I got it....Kohl's! Yes. Kohl's has a ton of great dresses online. I was specifically looking for a dress for Erik's work holiday party and saw this one, as well. I scored a party dress AND this casual dress. The price could not be beat either - I think it was around $30. Someone even asked me if it was a Lilly! Sure, I'll wear a Lilly Look-A-Like for that price!

I was home by 8pm and happy to see Erik and Evie. Some days, work is so busy, you get home, eat, and are so exhausted. It feels like we don't really SEE each other or have any quality conversation some days. This weekend should be fun & relaxing!

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