Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Haul Out The Holly!

'Tis the Season for all things CHRISTMAS including decorating, cookies, and of course, movies! On Sunday, we decorated the tree and the house. Look how Evie helped out, too! haha
She really didn't mind!!

I also made a batch of cookies which tasted good, but didn't look that great. I tried to make Four Spice Crackles, courtesy of the blog "Let's Dish"

I added an extra egg into the mix by accident and think that may have affected my cookies. Here are the cookies from the blog:

Mine were definitely not fluffy & crackly like that. But, they tasted pretty good.

We also watched White Christmas, The Santa Clause, and Santa Clause 2 while decorating. Well, Erik went surfing sometime in there and I watched those movies, really.

Great kick-off to the season!

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