Monday, December 19, 2011

Hanukkah Cookies

On Sunday, Erik and I went out for brunch at our local spot, The Grind. I had an amazing chicken cheesesteak with mushrooms and peppers. SO delish. This place was PACKED and people were standing around waiting for their food. I heard the guy tell people it would be a 40 min wait to get their food. I think more people are moving into our neighborhood or something because I've never seen it that busy.

After lunch, I made sugar cookies. I wanted to make Hanukkah sugar cookies for the Bingo ladies since Hanukkah starts this week! Why does everyone make sugar cookies for the holidays? They are SO annoying to make!! You have to mix, refrigerate, roll the dough, cut them out, etc. The dough gets stuck to the rolling pin, the dough doesn't stay together, ugh! Oh well, they came out good. 
Getting the dough ready

 Ahh the mess of cookies!

I used Hanukkah cookie cutters in shapes of stars, dreidels, and a Kiddush Cup. Some of the cookies came out nice and fluffy.
Others came out flat & unshaped, like this....Oh well. I put blue frosting on the cookies & they tasted very good. 

I hope the Bingo ladies have a nice time at their Hanukkah party tonight & enjoy the cookies!

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