Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All You Can Eat and Costco

Yesterday after work was SUPER fun. Kelsey, Tiffany, and I went to an all you can eat salad buffet AND Costco. I drove out to Pleasant Hill after work and we went out to dinner. I have heard about Sweet Tomatoes and heard it was an all you can eat salad place. Ummm, yes please!!

In addition to the salad bar, they have a hot bar of soups and another one of pizzas and macaroni & cheese. They also have a dessert bar and self serve ice cream. I had two plates of salad, it was soooo good. Also some turkey soup. And a few bites of mac & cheese. And a piece of corn bread. Haha. I would totally go there every week, if we lived closer!!

After dinner, Kelsey & I went to Costco. I have been wanting to go and check out prices. We eat a LOT of certain things and while it's just the two of us, it might be cheaper at Costco. We got a bunch of stuff and shared a car. Look how big it got:

Haha. We got those two packs of pillows for $10!! I got 30 rolls of toilet paper for $15!! 5lbs of oatmeal for $10!! I got some really good deals. I came home to compare some prices I found to Amazon and Soap.com. They simply do not compare - Costco beat those two sites for every item I looked into. 

We are going to get a membership to hit up Costco every few weeks or so. Yippeeee!

Fun way to spend a Monday night!

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