Thursday, January 17, 2013

Evie X-Ray Update

 Today, Evie and I headed up to Mill Valley for another check up x-ray. She now can do unlimited physical activity and her bone is healing nicely BUT it's not 100% yet. It's a solid bone at this point, but the doctor still sees some area where the bone is fusing together. So, we'll be back in another 8 weeks. I have a feeling we will be doing this until August, which would be one year to her surgery.

I told the doctor that she is a little stiff in the AM and he recommended she start taking fish oil from here on out. We bought the fish oil pills at the office but he said she can have any brand that is for humans, too. 

Here is Evie on the ride home, resting her head on the arm rest of the car. Tired for her drive back over the bridge...

Traffic light photo. She was happy we were out of the vet and heading home. 
Evie's birthday is coming up on Feb 1st (yep, we made up that exact birthdate). She is turning 7 years old!!! We just found out her Auntie Kimmy will be out here in Feb for a weekend visit so she will get to be at Evie's family birthday party :-)

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