Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cole Valley Walk

It was SO nice out on Saturday. The weather was back up in the 60's where it usually is. We are finally thawing out after our few weeks of 30's and 40's weather. Our electricity bill definitely felt the extra heat we used this month, that is for sure!! It was sunny, warm, and Evie and I went on our walk WITHOUT a coat which is amazing. 

We did about a 2 mile hilly walk through Buena Vista Park and Cole Valley. She did great although I think she was a little tired at the end. 

 We snapped a bunch of photos of plants and flowers on this walk. Starting with some clovers growing in our very own urban garden that Erik planted out back.

Hmmmm what season is it? There were yellow leaves falling off some trees and buds blooming on some others!

Also saw a funny sign outside a cafe for brunch, referring to the whole Lance Armstrong debacle, that said "Bacon has been taken off the banned substance list. Thank you Olympic Committee." Funny stuff.

After our walk, I got a mani pedi at a new place near by. They were super nice & it was only $25!! I will probably be going back since it's closer than my usual spot.

We went down to Kezar Pub to watch some NHL. The NHL is finally off their strike and the games are back on. We met up with some of Erik's hockey friends for some drinks and hockey. Fun time, as it always is!

Our night took an exciting turn on our walk home though.....

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