Thursday, January 24, 2013

Here we come, TNT!

Last night, Erik and I attended a Staff Meeting for Team In Training. It was great to meet everyone and this season seems like it will be a lot of fun! We have our official "Kickoff" this Saturday and our first team workout is NEXT THURSDAY! Ahhhhh.

This season I am going to try harder to stick to the schedule. Last season, I wouldn't follow everything or run as much as the schedule told us to. I  KNOW it will make race day a lot easier and so I'm going to try to stick to it.

I know what shoes I need to wear and still have some life in the Brooks I got last season, so that is great. We know what fuel we like once we hit a certain mileage. We might be pretty set to start the season. Then, there is that whole "we haven't been running because its's cold and dark out" thing....I'm sure the first few weeks are going to be harrrrd to get back into it. But, like always, as soon as you start doing it more and more, it gets a lot easier!

If anyone reads this, are you running any big races this year??


Taralyn said...

I've actually decided to take a total break from running. I've been doing it for the last few years out of obligation but have not really been into and then I just undertrain for races, which is no bueno. So I'm looking forward to cheering my friends on at ungodly hours for local races! Good luck with TNT!

k. mead said...

my big race so far is the Gulf Beach half in September, which means I need to get 5k's down to a good time, do a 10k, and really train well for this!

Heather Luna said...

Nice job on training or cheering!