Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today starts training for San Diego RNR! I went out and did a measly 1.5 miles around our park but at least I went! I felt fine running so maybe I still have a little bit of running-ness in me after our fall season.

After running, cleaning, finishing the laundry, and eating lunch, we headed out to Oakland. We wanted to go to two open houses just to see what homes for rent look like out there. The first one was billed on Craigslist as in the Oakland Hills. It was really in the ghetto.  We have a friend in the Oakland Hills in this beautiful neighborhood, on a nice quiet street. This house looked awesome inside but the 'hood was sketchville. We didn't even get out of the car.

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 After looking at Sketchville, we drove out to San Leandro where there was a townhouse for rent. San Leandro does not offer much. The neighborhood had decent homes but was dead quiet and all we saw were chain restaurants. We did get out of the house this time, but only to walk Evie. We knew by the 'hood that we didn't want to live there.
Here's Evie just riding in the back seat. She came to Oakland with us.

 We drove home & I was definitely feeling discouraged. Erik is much more positive over the whole finding a new place to live situation. We both really want to live in Marin instead of the Oakland area so maybe we just concentrate up in Marin and just look at everything we can. We're actually hoping our friends Lisa & Justin will buy a house and we can just take their apartment. Ya never know!

 We got home from Oakland and Evie & I headed out for one of our weekend walks. We drove up to the Presidio (probably our fave spot to go) and went to an area we haven't been to. We literally just drove up, took a few turns, parked, and started walking.

 We found a cute new-to-us trail called "Lover's Lane."

 Such a cute story of the path!

 It was pretty nice out today. Chilly but sunny and in the 50's...
 After our walk, we stopped at Trader Joe's on our way home. We picked up a bottle of wine for a whopping $6, popcorn, and shelled edamame. Both Evie and I love shelled edamame. I cannot wait to get home so I always open it in the car and give her some. haha!

 This wine was awesome - a little fruity, a little crisp, a little buttery. Love it, especially for $6!

Once we got home, Evie and I chilled on the couch. She was tired and so was I. We watched some TV, had some popcorn, & wine....that is what Sundays are for!
 For dinner, I made a Quinoa Veggie Paella. I am obsessed with Quinoa lately so any chance to use it is fine by me. Get the recipe, HERE.

 Erik added steak to his dinner and he said he loved it, so this recipe is a WIN!

In other news, Erik still has a cold. He is blowing his nose like crazy and needs to get some REST. Hoping he stays home from work and gets some sleeeeeep tomorrow.

Anyone get my title post reference of another Pacific Northwest City that's now a TV show?? 
I think this show is hit & miss. One skit will be hilarious and the next is Meh. 

Anyone else in the process of finding a new place to live??

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k. mead said...

Oaklandia - Portlandia? I haven't watched it, guess I'll have to check it out on hulu.

And -- I'm looking for a new place to live! Funny enough, I'm hoping my friends Lauren and Jerry will buy a house so I can rent their condo from them. It's not looking likely though :(