Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wipe Out

Something nasty happened to me today. I was walking out of the parking garage to head into work and....I FELL!! I slipped on something and literally was sprawled out on the sidewalk. The contents of my bag were all over the place. A nice woman asked me if I was Ok, which I was. I did cut my finger somehow but that was it.

I got into work and realized something horrible. I think I slipped on homeless person pee. I re-checked it out as I was walking back to the car later on. I was in that area near the signs. I thought it was dried car oil or something. I didn't even THINK about what it could be...

I didn't think about what it COULD be until I got into work and said, What is that smell!?? Ick!!!!!

I went home an hour or two later to get out of those pants!! Yuck. So, I worked half the day at home which was nice. Evie could not sit still all day though, which was a pain. 

Ohhhh well. I organized a bunch of stuff in the bedroom today and posted a chair on craigslist. I want to get rid of it and get a small table so I can craft again. I think I want to pick up scrapbooking again AND I want to sew. I want to get a sewing machine and figure out how to make some simple things like pillow covers. I keep saying that I'll wait until we move to a bigger place but why wait!?

Tomorrow, we go to Evie's surgeon for what is **Hopefully** her LAST x-ray. Yippeeeee!

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