Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

On New Year's Day, we went over to Baker Beach to let Evie run around and get some fresh air. It was coooold out but a nice day! Ironically, Baker Beach was the last place we went before she hurt her knee. She is running around so well though & had a great time there.

 Beautiful, clear day!
 She ran around in the grassy area before hitting the sand
 Old pillbox!!!
 Found this great article about old gun stands and pillboxes on the CA coast. So crazy!
 We went on the beach for a few minutes. The waves were really crashing and we had to run away from the water on the sand. Evie had a blast!

 OMG. The look on Evie's face in the above picture is priceless. She looks craaaazy.

And here is a short video we took by mistake of Evie running around. She loves to run, run, run on the sand and then stop to dig. Too funny.
After Baker Beach, we headed home and Erik went surfing. I whipped up some guacamole to take to our friends Betsy & Greg's house. We went over there later in the day for appetizers and NO drinks. haha. Great way to end the vacation before heading back to work!

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