Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh Lord Jesus, It's a Fire!

Something crazy happened last night but first, I want to share with you a video that I saw earlier in the day and was dying laughing over:

This woman was cracking me up and the remix is so funny. "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Well, it wasn't so funny when we were walking home from Kezar and smelled fire. We have seen and smelled quite a few apartment fires here in SF and let me tell you, it is super scary. It is one of my fears living here that one day I will come home and our building will be on fire or burning.

We were walking home, smelling smoke, and I said, "I hope our building is not on fire." As we get closer, we saw smoke NEXT TO OUR APARTMENT BUILDING. I started running towards our building and as I got closer, a woman said, "A car is on fire!"

Oh yes. A car RIGHT NEXT TO OUR BUILDING was literally a blaze. It was on fire and the fire was spreading to the bushes in front of the car. I was shaking and running to our building to get Evie. As I was doing so, this girl ran up and asked me to tell everyone in our side of the building because it was spreading to our building! Oh Lord Jesus, It's a fire!

At that point, I didn't know if the fire was truly spreading or what. I just wanted to get the dog and get out of there. The Fire Dept showed up in minutes and put the car fire out. The fire did NOT spread, it just looked like it was happening because the smoke was going up and over the building. 

Here are the firemen putting the fire out. The hood of the car was on literally melted. The cars parked next to this one were NOT damaged at all. Turns out it belonged to a guy in our neighborhood who came out and was talking to the SFD. SO scary. 

We were going to go out and meet up with some friends but we stayed home. After all that craziness, it was too late AND I was still trying to calm down. 

The car was towed and here is the aftermath this morning...

Pile of charred car parts
 Burnt Bushes
Broken glass where the car was

This just hit TOO close to home. What if it was our building!!?? Where the heck would we go. We have some great friends who would take us in, for sure. We wouldn't have any clothes or anything. Too awful to think about....

Everyone is safe. We are now saying how crazy it was that we were laughing over the video and then we had a Fire. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm going to start thinking about finding money on the sidewalk and see if that comes true. haha

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