Sunday, January 20, 2013

Funny Friday

To start our Friday night, I hit up IKEA to pick something up for my new project. As I previously mentioned, I want to learn how to sew and get back into scrapbooking. To do this, I need some type of dedicated space. The reason the scrapbook stuff has been in storage for approximately 4 years is because there is no room to put those supplies so that I can easily take them out & put them away when I feel like using them.

I decided to get rid of this little chair in our bedroom and get a desk/table situation so IKEA was the best place to go. I looked everything up online and knew what I wanted so the trip was short and efficient! I got my desk and a little chair. I am soooooooo excited! I'll show you what it looks like soon!

Once we got home, we ordered some dinner and I started going through the old scrapbooks we have here in SF. Most are still in CT at my parents house (the REAL good photos starting from the late 90's). Out here we had 2006, 2007, 2008...Found two funny pics:
Erik and I - Halloween 2006
Evie and I in 2007. This was just before we left for CA!
 After eating and laughing over photos, we ended the night like this:

Very excited to go to Goodwill to drop off that chair and also to Storage to get some of my scrapbooking stuff. I realized that my old scrapbooks are missing something ---the story! The pictures are in there and I used to say, "I'll journal the details later." Well, If I don't journal soon, I will forget the story. There are some funny things I want to capture so I realized that scrapbooking is fun and worth it to look back on all the good times in your life. I think I'll start with 2013 and work my way backwards to catch up. Woohoo!

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