Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sickness & Today Top 5

 Erik was out sick earlier this week due to his cold and guess what, now I have it. I just feel so tired and have a runny nose. Let's hope some DayQuil will keep this thing at bay and we can all move on with life!!

Some random things from our day.

1. It was pretty warm out and sunny out here today. Always appreciated!

2. Our meal planning didn't get us til today since my plan really just set us up for one week. Instead of going across the street, I went to Safeway and probably saved $15 just by going there. Well worth the 5 minute drive!

3. Picked up this fun wine for a mere $5 while I was there!

4. Evie is turning 7 THIS FRIDAY. Reminds me of Marta Von Trapp telling Frauline Maria, "I'm turning 7 on Tuesday and I'd like a pink parasol," What she really wants is to run around outside, eat some dirt, and maybe finish the day off with a car ride and a nice fish dinner.
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5. Each week, we DVR Saturday Night Live. It's easy to watch and skip through the crappy skits. This week, there was a diamond in the rough. cracks me up. Plus, love that it is set in New Haven, CT.

Too funny. "In the words of my hero Miss Mary Jay Blige, "I'm leaving this and I ain't NEVER coming back."

What is your favorite SNL skit?
Mine is anything with Mary Katherine Gallagher, specifically the Christmas episode with Whitney Houston

Anyone caught this cold or flu?


Taralyn said...

I had a cold this week and was home for 2 days. It was vicious, but I'm already feeling almost 100%!

Heather Luna said...

That is great. Erik had it for about a weekend + 2 days and feels fine. Mine seems to be dragging a little but grateful it is not the flu!!