Monday, January 7, 2013

We recognized...

Yesterday felt like a long day. We went to storage to return the Christmas boxes of decorations, drove up north and looked at an apartment, AND looked at a car. Whew. 

We looked at a cute place in San Rafael, north of SF. 

It was a THREE bedroom, 2 bathroom place with a yard. It was an older house but it had a lot more room than we have now, a washer & dryer, and a driveway. Ahhhh to not have to get quarters to do laundry or search for parking any longer seems like a dream. The owner said he had just taken a deposit from someone before we came in. Oh well....

We also went to test drive a car for Erik. WE loved it but we didn't love the price. We also had a big realization. We HAVE to buy the car before we move. If we moved north and only I had a car, Erik would have to take public transportation and only surf on the weekends. Its doable, of course, but not ideal. We want to feel good about moving, not wishing we were back in SF where not having a 2nd car isn't a pain. 

So, we are going to prioritize getting the car. Then, move on from there. 

We stopped for some much needed burgers on our way home from Marin. We stopped at Roam on Fillmore and it was delish. 

We rested when we got home from our exhausting day. hah. Finished the weekend out with more Khloe and Kourtney take Miami and Californication!

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