Monday, January 7, 2013

More Team In Training!

I am so excited to say that I have been chosen as a Mentor for the Summer Team In Training team here in SF! Woohooo!

A team will have a number of Mentors on it and each Mentor is assigned a small group of runners within the team. The purpose of a Mentor is to help your run group through any questions they have about training and fundraising. Some run teams can be huge, so having a small Mentor group allows a few people to know each other right away and have some people to lean on.

When I first joined TNT in 2008, I had a great Mentor (who is the wife of one of Erik's hockey friends!) and group of ladies in my group. I am still friends with them today!

I can't wait for the opportunity to help people new to TNT with their fundraising and provide support. Kick-off is January 26th and I think the season starts in Mid-February!

I'm going to sign up for my first Rock N' Roll half marathon in....San Diego!

Since I just did TNT and fundraised, I actually do not have to fundraise this time around. It will be great to be a part of the program without that added pressure and just have fun!

Can't wait to share more info about the team and training!

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