Saturday, January 26, 2013

Eating In

It was a pretty nice day out on Friday so after work, Erik and I walked to The Page for happy hour. We came home though to have dinner - enchiladas. No real recipe there and I don't think this is truly an "enchilada" dish. Here's what we mixed inside the tortillas:
  • Quinoa
  • Mashed sweet potato
  • Ground Turkey
  • Cilantro
  • Hot Sauce
  • Shredded cheese

Rolled up the tortilla. Fit 6 in a dish. Put more cheese on top and topped them all with salsa. Baked for a few minutes and we're done! Delish!

This week, I really tried to meal plan. I realized we make too many runs across the street to this little gourmet, EXPENSIVE, grocery store and buy whatever we need for whatever we decide to eat that night. That, of course, adds up quick. Plus, it's so annoying to have the "what are we going to eat tonight" conversation every night AND decide who's going across the street to get dinner.

Last week, I found a bunch of recipes to make and went to Safeway so we had dinner at home basically all week. We both said how much we like eating at home vs. eating out most of the time. You get a great meal, usually have leftovers for lunch the next day, and save some money.

We already have our meal plan for next week. Hooray!

Do you plan out your meals or just decide what to eat on a daily basis?


Taralyn said...

I love when I meal plan, but it does take extra effort. I'm also so busy that I'm not always home or will do something last minute and won't have time to make the meals I had planned. I'm also terrible at planning meals with similar enough ingredients so my grocery bill isn't $100 for 1 person. BUT I do like having a meal plan and try to do it as often as possible.

I'm liking the Qs on your posts - it's making me respond!

Heather Luna said...

Yay! Thanks for commenting! Yes, I keep hearing from friends, oh i read your blog. I was thinking, wow people really read it. haha.