Monday, January 14, 2013

Low Key Sunday

Sunday was another low key day for us. It started off like this....
Evie loves to cuddle up RIGHT next to you after she wakes up in the morning. She has her breakfast, goes the bathroom, and then wants you to sit on the couch so she can snuggle buggle. She usually likes to put her head ON your lap so you can't use the computer, too!

Our self portraits together

 Got the laundry done, Erik surfed, and then I went downtown. I had lunch at the mall at my fave spot, Buckhorn Grill. The roadhouse salad is the best! I specifically went downtown to go to the mall to get my 2013 wall calendar

I know we have a lot of calendar technology but I just LOVE filling out my calendar for the year and seeing it all hanging up. I also love paper planners. haha

After the errands, we took Evie out for a walk. Erik came with us, which we always enjoy!

We had an impromptu dinner last night at Nopa. We were in the mood for burgers and figured this hot spot restaurant might not be that bad of a wait if we got there quickly. We walked over 5 minutes prior to them starting to seat guests with dinner reservations. We easily grabbed a seat at the bar. It was perfect!

From Foodspotting
Nice way to end the weekend... Here's to a good week!

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