Monday, January 21, 2013

Homemade Sunday

Hello from Evie! You can tell she is back to normal because she sprinted from the kitchen, up on the couch, and was standing like this on the couch to bark out the window. Look at her looking at me like, Can I help you?

We went to Goodwiill and Storage. We dropped off some stuff and picked up my scrapbooking supplies. Man, I have so much stuff. I'm trying to organize things by year and just get moving.

Also, went to Safeway and got a great deal on this wine. It was $12 on sale for $7. Then I had two coupons totaling $3.50 so I got the wine for a whopping $3. What a steal!!

I made a lasagna for dinner with roasted eggplant, zuccini, and spicy chicken sausage. Deeeelish!

Erik also made something. Do these look familiar?

 Yep! He made English Muffins. They seemed pretty easy to make and they tasted good!

Also, the 49ers are going to the Superbowl! The city was loud after the win last night with people cheering and honking in the street! 

Here's to a good week! We both have to work on Monday ;-(

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