Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Busy Saturday and Fall is Here

Our Friday night looked like this...

...and it was awesome to stay home and chill. 

We also had these for dessert which were just OK. We don't eat a lot of boxed food like this anymore so when we do, it just doesn't taste that great. These are OK but you can tell they are "fake." Don't get me wrong there are a lot of boxed/frozen foods out there that taste great. We just learned that we feel better when we buy whole foods and cook/bake it on our own. 

I also got this in the mail on Friday. That means Fall is officially here because Real Simple says so! I've planned out the decorations so come Sept 30th, we can get ready for our favorite month ever!!

On Saturday ,we went into SF for our friend Nicole's 30th birthday brunch at Bin 38. I don't think this is a true brunch spot. It's a wine bar that claims they serve brunch but they're not very good at it. There were also 20 of us there so it was a big brunch. It was good to see her to celebrate and see some of our other friends though, too. 

After the brunch, we went down to the jewelry store where we bought our wedding bands to get mine taken in a little bit. It is always turning on me and it drives me crazy. Of course a "it will take 10 min" resize turned into us being there for an hour. Ahhhhh!!

As we were driving home, the clouds in the sky were super puffy. I don't know if you can see them that well in this picture but they looked like big puffs of cotton. 

We made pizza and watched Louis CK stand up on TV. He is pretty funny. 

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