Friday, September 13, 2013

Cesar Chavez Park and our new Best Friend

On Wednesday, Evie and I returned to our favorite park - Cesar Chavez. It was pretty warm out but a little cloudy but the sun was trying to peek through. I had two days of straight client meetings and Evie was antsy from being home for three days by herself so the park was a good spot for us to run around. 

 Trying to get Evie to take a picture with me but she sometimes hates it!

Random story - after the park, we stopped at the art store for something I needed for my latest project. I signed up for an Art Store member card (free! get 10% off!) and gave the guy my address to get coupons in the mail. He said to me, "Oh that is why you look so familiar to me!" Of course, I am totally surprised that anyone knows me over here because we don't know a lot of Berkeley peeps. He said that he is an artist at a little gallery down the street and has seen me with Evie. 

Hmmmmm strange/not strange/kinda creepy?? I don't know. I'm sure I'll see him around now. 

Anyway, for dinner, we had grilled chicken tacos with NO shells. Yes, that is correct. We had tacos and used romaine lettuce leaves rather than the shells for dinner. 

We have been trying to cut the carbs down and this was a good way to do so. It was really good and we didn't miss the shell. We didn't feel totally stuffed like you do after taco night sometimes. On the side, we had quinoa, our new best friend. Quinoa makes you feel like you're eating rice but you're really not. Quinoa is actually a protein so it's a carb free dinner!

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