Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Old Wine Faithful and a New DIY Trash Can

On Monday night, we had a dinner loosely based on this recipe for Ginger Chicken

I bought bean sprout noodles aka cellophane noodles. They looked pretttyyyy different once they were cooked. 

Jelly fish or noodles?? The dish was pretty good!

On Wednesday, two really cool things took place. 
1)I tried to open a bottle of wine and the cork was REALLY dry. As I tried to pull it out of the bottle, it broke in half. Half cork in the bottle, half cork in my hand. My only option was to push the cork INTO the bottle and decant the rest. You know what happens next, right??

Push cork into wine bottle, spray yourself with wine. I put the rest in a decanter and voila - wine for dinner. Buttttt I had no where to put the leftover wine until I realized I could put it in here!
Stayin' classy over here. 

The 2nd cool thing is I did a super quick craft. We had a small stainless steel trash can in the bathroom. Everything in the bathroom is brown, cream, and copper-ish. The silver stuck out. So, I changed it. 

Silver to brown with some simple spray paint

Fits in much better!! 

Happy Wednesday!

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k. mead said...

Impressed by the wine saver, I might need to use my water bottle that way too!

Do you want to do some DIY projects for my apt? I feel like I should be updating some things too! Any ideas for a DIY chalkboard for the kitchen?