Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Picking and Feeding Cows

On Sunday, we drove up to Petaluma to the Chilleno Valley Ranch  to go apple picking! We also got a big treat of getting to see some farm animals, too. 

There were three cows in a huge open space to roam. They came right up to the fence and were so cute. While picking apples, they asked us not to toss the cores on the ground but to feed them to the cows!

Me and a Cow

They literally ate the apple out of my hand. It was so cute....and slobbery!

 We picked a few different types of apples and can't wait to try them all
 Here's hoping we can make an apple pie or one of the other many "apple" recipes 
found on Pinterest this season

 One last shot of my cow friend licking her lips. So cute!

  The farm was pretty big with lots of big open pens. There were also a lot of goats and sheep. 
Check out how LOUD they were:

The Farm
The Farm House
 After the farm, we stopped at Petaluma Creamery for ice cream. 

Petaluma is a cute, farm town. Fun Fact - American Graffiti was filmed there!

For dinner, I made Erik's Mom's Rice & Beans recipe with grilled chicken. He said it tasted like how she makes it so I guess that means it was good!!

One thing we got accomplished this weekend was getting this print framed. Our friend Betsy gave this to us and it's a cool shot of the GG Bridge with a heart balloon over SF. We did love SF, that is for sure!

Well, what a packed weekend of errands, projects, some fun & relaxation!

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