Saturday, September 7, 2013

Craft Day and Adios, CT

On Monday, My Mom and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some project materials. It's is my new favorite store now that I have all of these projects swirling around in my head. Remember my recycle bin covers I made?
Well, I had some leftover fabric so I decided to put them on some new dish towels to liven them up. Got the dish towels at Christmas Tree Shops for about $3 total. 

My Mom did one to teach me how to do it and I did the other. So fun and so cute!! I definitely need to get a sewing machine - stat! My project list is growing, fast!!

We also got fabric for pillow covers but ran out of time so my Mom will do those and send them out. To finish out Monday, we made a trip to see my Grandparents and then had dinner at Jaime & Laura's place. Laura made us pizza on the grill - so good!

On Tuesday, we said goodbye. We took a shuttle van to JFK and flew home. It was hard to go. We all remember my 2.5 years of homesickness that has gone away. But, this trip was hard. I don't know why....maybe because everyone is getting older, everyone has kids now, and there seems to be more of a reason to be around everyone back East. But as my Grandma told me, you have to live your own life and be happy. 

When we got back to SF, we picked up Evie(who was EXHAUSTED) and were able to drive over the new Bay Bridge rather than take the round about way home. The bridge is AWESOME!!!

So pretty! So open, wide, and nice to drive on. The old bridge felt like a cage. Here is old bridge next to new bridge. 

We were so tired when we got home but it was a great trip!

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