Saturday, September 7, 2013

Evie's Stomach Issues

When we got back to CA, Evie had an issue....blood in her stool. Not good. She had this a few months ago and it went away on its own. However, since it was happening again, I wanted to take her to the Vet to get checked out. 

Evie does NOT like the Vet. She used to be OK but that was before her dog bite injury and knee surgery. Now, she shakes like crazy at the vet. So, to keep her and everyone else safe - we put a muzzle on her. 

This look says, "I hate you Mommy"

So mad. She tried pulling the muzzle off like ten times but alas, let the Vet handle her. We went to a new Vet in Berkeley, just down the street from us. Campus Vet was AWESOME. We met with Dr. Reid who was super nice, calm, and a great Vet. Evie was a nervous wreck but she handled her gently. 

She put Evie on special dinner (aka cottage cheese and white rice mixture) for a few days plus pills to bind her up. She was going to run a fecal test for any parasites but she thinks it might be her food. Evie had these issues a few years ago and we switched her to Perscription ID food which is for sensitive stomach. Now, she thinks that her system needs a different food. 

I'm guessing that once we get through this, we might go on something that is grain free. Maybe Evie needs a gluten free diet -  haha!

In other news, Evie needs to lose a few pounds. She needs to lose approximately 7 pounds so we don't have any issues with her being overweight as she gets older. Being overweight + her orthopedic issue of her knee could be a serious issue. So, we will get through this bout of GI issues then adjust her food intake/exercise schedule. 

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