Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer's Here!

It's September and officially our summer here in the Bay Area. It's about 80 and sunny and we are HOT. We don't have air conditioning and so we feel the heat. The thing that is so great is that we do not really have humidity here. As I type that, I realize that can't really be true and we must have some. It's just never hot, sticky, muggy here like it can be in the Midwest and East. 

Evie could barely stay awake in the heat. Well, the heat + recovering from her stressful Vet visit. 

On Friday, we worked out after work and made dinner on the grill. I finally opened this bottle of Chardonnay that I've had for awhile. 

I think I want to get a wine cooler. My Red wines that are aging are getting too hot, I think? 
This one looks compact and it's at a pretty good price
In other news, I'm on Season 3 of Drop Dead Diva and remain in love/obsessed with this show. 

Portlandia Season 3 is also on Netflix and is hilarious.

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