Saturday, September 7, 2013

All of my Favorites in One Day!

On Friday AM, we hit up an East Coast staple - Dunkin' Donuts. We got coffees and I got my glazed munchkin. The woman let me buy ONE which is exactly what I wanted. 

We drove down to CT and met my parents for lunch at Wood N' Tap

After lunch, we took a family trip to my favorite store - Christmas Tree Shops

I will highlight some of the deals I got:
Grill Tongs for $2.50
A monogrammed outdoor welcome rug for $6
Halloween decor for under $5

Afterwards, we went to my favorite place for happy hour - Archie Moore's!!

We met up with Jaime, Erik's brother. 

7th Grade Besties - Me & Marla

Kimmy & Scott
Ate my favorite wings on the planet and guess who else likes wings? Woodrow!

He also plays candy crush and is addicted!!

After the bar, we went back to my parents house for my favorite pizza on the planet - Papa's Pizza. Favorite wings, pizza, and people in one night is a great day!!

When rumpus time was over, we went back to stay the night at Erik's familys house. Erik and Jaime proceeded to dig through the basement for old stuff. Erik put on his old baseball jersey, we found a ton of pictures, and then this.....

 Erik's letter to Santa that made it into the local paper back in the 80's. Too funny!!

What a great day we had!!

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