Sunday, September 15, 2013

A day of errands and Albany Taproom

Saturday started with my first New Member meeting for the Junior League. It was held in Oakland and we learned about the history of the National Jr. league, our local chapter, and what the year holds for us. I'm pretty excited! It feels like being a new Theta all over again! 

Want to hear who some famous Junior Leaguers are? Shirley Temple, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barbara Bush, Sandra Day O'Connor.....

I came home and made us some lunch with spaghetti squash!

Spaghetti squash with ground turkey and sauce...spaghetti without the carbs! Delish!

Afterwards, I did some errands which took forever because I was looking for a)new dog food for evie b)baskets for this new bathroom storage thing c)frames for my photo wall project d)fabric for a new re-do project. All of this sent me to FIVE stores. Ugh!! I went alone so that took more time. When I have Evie in the car, I tend to rush so she's not sitting in the car(plus it was too hot for that for her yesterday!)

First to Petco, then to Joann fabrics. They had frames 50% off so I swear I was in there comparing frames forever!! Luckily, these two are in the same plaza. Aha moment at JOann's yesterday when I was looking for fabric that they did not have any more of. Save your receipts there when you buy fabric and think you might want to buy more of that same fabric. They can look up the SKU number of the fabric for you and re-order it! Wish I had my receipt right about now. 

Then to BB&B for a hot second(I hate that store & it gives me clausterphobia) and finally Target. I can't wait until my photo wall is complete. I have a grand vision for it!

To cap off the errands, I hit up Starbucks in Target. I got an iced pumpkin latte and it was delish!!

Erik also worked on a big project yesterday but I'll cover that off in a separate post. For dinner ,we tried out the Albany Taproom. The taproom is next to Grazzy Burgers and you can order some food while you're at the bar. We had beer and ordered burgers, as well. 

Here is a Buzzzzzerkeley beer that is a Belgian beer made with champagne yeast. 

Check out all of their beers on tap. 

Cool place to try new beers or beers you may not be able to get at any old bar!

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