Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Trappist and Zachary's Pizza

 Our week was pretty status quo around here. On Thursday, we had a team outing at Paulding & Co where we had a cooking class. We made a delicious lunch of ceasar salad(including making our own dressing with anchovies!), roasted chicken, string beans with brown butter, and a delicious dessert. 

This dessert is a plum galette. It was super easy to make and it was so good. When I get the recipe from the Chef, I'll share it. 

In spirit of #Throwback Thursday, I posted this funny pic of me on Instagram. Haha

For dinner, it was Tres Amigas night at Comal in Berkeley. This place is super cute but I don't think the food is that great. :-( Still a fun night with friends though!

On Friday, Erik and I finally went to The Trappist in Oakland. It is soley a bar that does not serve food. You can bring in your own food though which is cool. The beer list was OK but we stayed for one drink and left. 

For dinner, we walked down to Zachary's Pizza in Oakland. We had deep dish/Chicago-style 
pizza and it was so good!

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