Friday, September 20, 2013

Acorn Squash and Make Your Own Fridge Mats

On Wednesday night, we had more Acorn Squash. I sliced it and put some salt, pepper, and brown sugar on top. I cooked it on the grill on some foil and it was delicious! 

Oh Acorn Squash, we love you but you are SO hard to cut up. There has to be some trick to getting through the tough exterior without sweating and almost slicing off a finger! 

On Wednesday night, I did a super quick and simple craft....Fridge Mats!

Blah. Boring Fridge. The shelves get sticky, spilled on, stuck to, etc. I saw these amazing fridge mats and wanted to buy them but not for this price. To do the fridge, it would've costed over $50! Instead, I saw others online making their own for a lot less. 

Enter Target placemats for $1.99 each. In the placemat section, there are plastic placemats in various designs. I picked my favorite and brought them home. I measured, cut, and placed them in the fridge in about 20 minutes!

Super cute and easy to clean! Now, if something spills, we can just pull out the placemat to clean it off vs. pulling everything off the shelf to clean it. 

Love it!!

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