Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beach Walk and Two Roads Brewery

On Saturday AM, Erik and I took a stroll on our local beach. 

I absolutely hated the beach when I was younger. I literally refused to go to the beach and only wanted to swim in our family pool. I recall my cousins coming to visit from WI and they would DIE to go to the beach. And there I was being a brat, crying over going to the beach, and begging to be in my pool. 

Of course, as a teenager and beyond, I loved the beach. I think going as a kid had something to do with getting sand stuck all over me and hating it. 

So pretty. The beach is also a very calming place to be. I love anything seaside related and the sound of the ocean. 


After the beach, we went down Two Roads Brewery for some drinks and a tour. 

The excitement mounts over a sampler!

Yum. We got to try a few beers. I think the Saison was the best!

 The brewery is a HUGE, old factory converted to a brewery. They have a ton of equipment and space. In addition to brewing their own beers, they also brew for other companies as well. 

We headed back to Erik's family's house after the brewery for dinner. We also played Cards Against Humanity so we ended the night on a fun note. 

Another great day with everyone!!

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