Sunday, September 8, 2013

Evie Update and Old Photos

On Saturday AM, Erik went surfing so that meant I had time to catch up on things at home. I blogged, did laundry, dishes, etc. Miss Evie is doing better. The Vet called and said she does NOT have a parasite so this must be food related. She is eating the rice & cheese mixture for now and we start adding in dry food on Sunday. I will also be talking to the Vet about how to change her food to avoid this reoccurring. 

It's also officially September and despite our 80 degree weather, the Fall coffee mug is officially in rotation!

I have another project on my hands that brings me back to my crafting roots - scrapbooking. Years ago, I took ALL of the old photos from my Grandparents house in order to do scrapbooks but never did. When we were home, I decided to bring back a small portion of the photos to get started. I took all of the black and whites from the 1930's - 1960's. I found some good pictures of my family but just love these of my Grandparents. 

Look how handsome my Grandfather was!

Grandma on the beach in the 1940's

I spent most of the afternoon organizing my craft supplies and sorting photos. I am working on my photo wall and now this scrapbook project. I want to get another organizing unit so I can have easy access to my stuff. So happy we have three bedrooms so that I have space to do all of this!

Erik and I tried this new-ish place in Berkeley last night - Pizza Moda. We had a 50% off pizza coupon so we tried it out. We had a mushroom pizza with truffle oil that was SO GOOD. We also had an heirloom pesto pizza that was also delish. We will definitely go back considering it's so close to our house!

Sooooo this is what our TV looked like last night. Erik said that our model of TV is apparently affected by the heat but it's been doing this even when it's not hot out. So, we are hoping our TV is not ready to kick the bucket but we'll see. It eventually straightened out but it took awhile. Anyone else ever had an issue like this?

Anyone else out there scrapbook? I think things have changed a lot since I last did it back in 2009!

Hope you had a good Saturday! 

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